Holly’s week in a half shell

How is it the end of July? It hardly seems right to be looking at August; luckily for us on the Central Coast, summer lasts until November. This week I bopped up and down the Central Coast;bopped my head to some excellent Neil Diamond cover tunes, and had a shucking good time savoring the little gems of the sea.


What I’m Eating

Oysters. I still remember my first very clearly as a pre-teen visiting the docks of the Tomales Bay, they hooked me then. Oh, I pun.

Keep the sauces and extras away; I take mine raw with just a teensy squeeze of lemon.    We are blessed here on the Central Coast with an ample supply of oysters thanks to the Morro Bay Oyster Company; Fun Fact: Neal Maloney’s operation provided nearly 25,000 for the vendors of the recent Central Coast Oyster Festival!  This week, I grabbed mine at the  Lure Fish House in Camarillo. Our oysters came raw in the half shell from Kundal, Baja California and were absolutely huuuge with an amazing sweet flavor. The creamy, buttery texture sings with flavors of honeydew and subtle minerals. Completely not briny, and perfect for the oyster newbie.


What I’m Drinking

I believe in Sunday mornings. Lazy, decadent, and typically not without bubbles…at least in my world. I’m a believer in wine paired with pancakes, and I’m a believer in this new find from the BIN 2860 Tasting Room in Los Olivos. The 2011 Moscato d’asti is unique, refreshing, sweet, with just a leetle bit o bubbles. The aromatics of the grapes, honey, and just a touch of citrus gives way to a crisp and pleasing acidity. At $20 a bottle, it’s a simple yet luxurious pleasure for an end of meal treat. A bottle ended up in my bag, and I know the perfect ladies to share this with on an upcoming bachelorette weekend.

Where I’m playing

Few men can pull off a sequin shirt like Neil Diamond unless you are Surreal Neal the lead singer of Neil Diamond cover band, Super  Diamond. Saturday night, some 2000 Camarilloans picnicked in the park to grab some sweet memories and Sweet Caroline.

Camarilloans do the Concerts in the Park thing right; no less than 3 DAYS before the event you see them begin to set out their chairs, blankets, and tables to mark their Saturday night territory. If one held a camper chair stealing fetish, this is your playground baby. However, most people being of sound and cool mind totally   respect this tradition. I was overwhelmed by the set-up; bistro tables, wine glasses,  an amazing light show, and kids dancing to Mr. Cool himself. Camarillo Concerts in the Park are held every other Saturday during the summer, and you can catch a U2 cover  band on August 11th.


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